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WordPress SEO Tips

By November 17, 2014 SEO Advice

WordPress SEO TipsWordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) for SEO. The practice of optimizing your WordPress site is the best strategy to move up in the search engine rankings and to get more visitors subscribed to your website.

Title Tag Optimization

The title tag (<title>) is one of the most crucial factors in getting your website ranked in search engines. It shows up as a title of the browser and is the first line people notice in the search results. Make sure to add the targeted keyword at the start of the title to get more preference by the search engines. This is because the visitors notice the early words of the title to make up their mind for which link to visit.

Optimize Your Meta Description

The Meta description is used by the search engines to appear in the snippet with black text just below the URL. This is used by the search engine to give a short description to visitors about the theme of the website. It is mostly used at times when it includes the target keyword being searched. Meta description should include the targeted keyword at least once and preferably at the beginning.

Make sure to write a hand-written Meta description and avoid the use of auto-generators that provide the Meta description based on the first sentences of the website.

Optimizing Your Images

One of the steps that are usually ignored as WordPress SEO is the optimization of your images. It is possible for you to get some additional traffic by writing excellent ALT tags for images. This helps your visitors checking your site out in a screen reader to get an idea about what is hidden to them.

XML Sitemaps

Make use of Sitemaps to notify Google and other major search engines that your website has been updated. Moreover, it gives an idea to the search engines about the structure of your website. It helps the search engine to find particular content on your site easily and includes images which can contribute in getting better rankings for your site.

Some other procedures that contribute in getting your site higher in search rankings are list below:-

  • Optimizing your Heading Tags with the targeted keyword
  • Clean and review your code
  • Internal linking to keyword-relevant posts
  • Optimize your template so it loads quickly
  • Follow archives and disable some archives
  • Optimize individual posts
  • Maintain keyword density to 1% or less

Keep it in your mind that appropriate SEO is the key to success in getting organic traffic and rank higher in search engines. There are a number of ways that can be utilized to run search engine optimized website.

Optimization of your WordPress Template

Breadcrumbs are one of the great on page optimization techniques. Breadcrumbs are links that link back to the previous pages and can be found above the title post. This is how they look: – “Home>Posts>Wordpress SEO”.

They offer two major benefits:-

  • Breadcrumbs enable the visitors to navigate on your site easily
  • Breadcrumbs help the search engines to easily figure out the structure of your site.

Heading Tag Optimization

Make sure that your post title is a <h1>.  It is beneficial to have <h1> title for your blog page, category pages and specific pages. It must not be greater than <h3>.

Clean Up Codes and Aim for Speed

It is a good strategy to keep you templates and CSS file clean and up to date. This doesn’t have a great impact on your WordPress SEO but it reduces the time your site takes to load. Therefore, the user can cache your site and search engines would not be required to download them again and again.

Conversion Optimization

Many bloggers take it wrong that their blog is a blog and they won’t need to optimize anything on it. In order to get people link to you, they must read your blog. This is the reason why conversion optimization is crucial for bloggers. One must understand how to get more people subscribe to your blog and share it. Therefore, it is important to get your readers subscribe to your blog either by email, RSS or other methods.

Comment Optimization

Commenting is one of the most significant aspects of a blog. Whether a user appreciates about your post or informs you about your mistake, it is good from SEO perspective. After all, it shows engagement and a bond between the writer and its readers.

You can set up “subscribe to comments” plugin to get your visitors stay in the conversation as well.

Off Site SEO

The basic concept is to write unique and dynamic content in order to get back links from high authority and relevant sites. However, social media sites are becoming a great part of Off Site SEO process. The number of likes and shares (especially on Google plus and Facebook) are going to contribute in getting your site ranked higher in the search engines.

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