More Likes

There are millions of people online right now, who might be interested in your products or services. Let us help you connect with them! On Social Media, this all starts with a LIKE. Once they are a fan, we can engage and sell products, but it all starts with a like. We want to help you boost your likes through social media marketing strategies.

Tracking Results

Perhaps the most difficult task in social media marketing is tracking results. Through Google Analytics, your fans can be seen clicking on emails, coming in through search engines and through social media. Tracking your sales funnel is very important to understand which messages will touch your customers through the process in creating the sale. Let us help you with tracking.

Email Lists

The end goalĀ of social media marketing is selling products, that is a no-brainer. But how do these people go from a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter, to buying a product? Some people will visit and buy directly from social media, but the majority of these visitors will first sign up to an email list offer. We create successful campaigns to build email lists from social media, let us show you how!

Your Voice

Crafting your message is the most important piece in a successful social marketing strategy. Your tribe, fans, and visitors will expect to see a message that is tailored to your business, and that has a specific feel. We want you to create raving fans, and these return customers will make your business a huge success. Social media is your vessel to connect to your audience, engage and sell! Let’s talk about your voice.

"When I post to social media, I rarely get any likes. I was getting depressed and was confused why there was no engagement. After working with the ScaleUp team, my likes have grown 1000%. I had no idea that I was posting wrong. Thanks for the help!"

− Joey

"I love Twitter. But I was only tweeting to 50 people. After working with the ScaleUP team, we boosted my twitter followers to over 1000 in 90 days. Now I have more people engaged with my tweets. Thanks!"

− Lauren