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ScaleUP Consulting is an Orlando SEO Company that provides Local SEO services for business owners looking to expand their online visibility in order to turn traffic into sales. With the implementation of our SEO services, we can get your website ranking on page 1 of search engines for competitive keyword phrases, which in turn, will increase the amount of overall traffic you receive and sales you produce. The ScaleUP Team has taken hundreds of clients and helped them build successful online business’ that are thriving in their local markets.

Call the ScaleUP Team today or contact us so we can talk about the future of your business. Our number one concern with our clients is making sure we turn your business into a profit.

Understanding Your Industry

The first step of our Orlando SEO services here at Scale Up, starts with a consultation. We will first speak to you about your business and gain a greater understanding of your goals and ambitions for the company. Understanding our client’s vision for their business is one of our top concerns and is why we have been working with some of the same clients for over 6 years.

After your first consultation, we will perform extensive research on the current state of your business’ market from a local and national standpoint. After understanding your industry and top competitors in your area, we will begin building a list of keywords and keyword phrases to target for onsite and offsite search engine optimization purposes. This brings us to the next step of Scale Up Consulting’s Orlando SEO services.

Keyword Analysis

After performing research on your business and its competitors in the Orlando area, we will compile a list of possible keywords and phrases to target on your website. Starting with a mixture of national and local keywords is best practice, as it will give us a goal to strive for, while beginning to rank for less-competitive local keywords. After succeeding in the local market for your specific terms, we can then shift our gears to focus on national keywords to attract the optimum amount of incoming traffic.

Depending if you already have a website, or if you just got your website up and running, we can do a full analysis on your existing site to make sure that it is fully optimized for search engine visibility. If there are any problems with the site structure, we will choose to re-build the site map in its entirety. This will insure that you website has the best possible structure so that your pages can rank on page 1 of google.

Local SEO Services

For any company, large or small, starting with Local SEO services is always a smart move. This enables you to grow in your local environment while building a trusted local online business. One of the greatest places to start local search engine optimization, is Local Directories. We only will submit your business to high ranking and trusted directories that will have a positive impact on your business.

Organic Traffic

One of our main goals is to get your website ranking on page 1 of Google’s Organic Search for your targeted keywords. Organic search results can be one of your greatest sources of incoming traffic and can help your business thrive in its local industry. Not to mention, more traffic, equals more sales! After performing our Keyword analysis, we will optimize the content on your website so that you can begin ranking in search engines for your keyword phrases.

Googles algorithm’s take a multitude of different factors into play when ranking websites. With each algorithm update, these factors get tweaked for greater performance. Here at Scale Up Consulting, we stay on top of the trend and follow each update closely to understand the changes we need to make with our search engine optimization. Our extensive study of SEO allows us to make sure our clients stay on top and ahead of their competition.

Content Optimization

Optimizing the content on your current or new website is crucial for a successful SEO campaign. Without it, people won’t stay around to interact with your website and this can hurt your search engine rankings. This is why we provide a content marketing service to help you create intriguing and interesting content for your website. If you have your own content, then that is great, but the Scale Up Team is always here to help.

Link Building

Building a website with great content and onsite SEO structure is just part of our Orlando SEO services. After you have this great content, you need people to interact with it and share it with the world. This is where link building comes into play.

You can build a beautiful website, but if you aren’t receiving any traffic, then what’s the point? This is why Scale Up Consulting uses link building as an effort to bring in traffic from multiple different sources on the internet. Link building is different than it was even a few years ago and now more than ever, quality back links are a necessity for any website that wants to hold or attain high rankings. Depending on your market, the Scale Up Team will use a variety of SEO tactics to build high quality back links to your website from trusted web sources. We do this by only using White-Hat strategies and can still produce amazing results within a short amount of time.

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Orlando SEO Company Overview

Onsite SEO

  • Choosing the right technology
  • Setting up the pages correctly
  • Keyword research
  • Creating an optimized site map
  • Submitting to Search Engines
  • Optimizing for Search Spiders
  • Setting up internal linking
  • Tracking results

Offsite SEO

  • Link building strategies
  • Engaging sharing
  • Building a network of sites
  • Contributing through blogs
  • Becoming an expert
  • Forum discussions
  • 301 redirects
  • Tracking results


  • Ongoing blogging
  • Staying consistent
  • Keep content fresh
  • Engaging readers
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword linking articles
  • Categorizing content
  • Using tags properly

Social Media

  • Building viral posts
  • Engaging audience
  • Getting more activity
  • Finding your tribe
  • Discovering your voice
  • Connecting with fans
  • Selling to fans
  • Tracking results

"The Scale Up team has done an outstanding job with my website and helped with my business development from the beginning. Matt has helped me create what my business is today and I wouldn't here without him. "

− Hector R.

"Working with the ScaleUP Consulting has been an amazing experience for me so far and for my business. When I would search for my website 3 months ago, I wasn't even ranking for my business name, nor did I even know what that meant! Within 3 months they have taught me more about internet marketing then I have learned in 3 years and helped get my website ranking for my local business."

− Emily I.