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Want to grow your brand and increase sales?

Our Orlando Facebook Marketing does just that. With the proper optimization of a Facebook Marketing campaign, we can help you drive in new leads and convert these leads into sales. Facebook Marketing is a tool that can be used for multiple purposes and we take advantage of these to produce the greatest results for our clients. The ScaleUP consulting team can help you with any part of this process, from building your Facebook page from scratch, all the way to optimizing a current Facebook advertising campaign. After building hundreds of ads on Facebook, we know what performs best in certain situations, so we will custom build a Facebook Marketing Plan that specifically fits your needs and mutually decide on a plan of action.

Our Orlando Facebook Marketing Services are second to none and we pride ourselves on helping our clients thrive in their target markets. Facebook for Business is an indispensable marketing tool that can help build your following, create new leads, grow your brand awareness, and of coarse, create another source of income for your business.

Tampa Facebook Marketing
Tampa Facebook Marketing

The Power of Facebook Marketing

  • Build Lists. Take advantage of Facebook Ads and build an email list of interested customers that you can share your news and products with.
  • Targeted Reach. Only advertise to people who are interested in your type of service or product. We believe every penny counts, so making sure your campaigns are performing at an optimal level is our top priority.
  • More Likes. Gaining more likes with surely build your business’s credibility and make you a true contender in your industry.
  • Feedback. Good or Bad, feedback is the best way for you to understand what your customers like and don’t like. Facebook for Business will allow you to get an inside look at what your customers are thinking, and adjust your position accordingly.
  • Sales. List your products on your Business Page and advertise to the Facebook community using stunning visuals. Direct people to your shopping cart and start making sales from Facebook leads.

Facebook Advertising Strategies

Target Audience. Get the right message to the right people. We can help you target specific customers that have the most engagement with your brand, ultimately leading to greater conversion rates.
Local Targeting. Why would you advertise Nationally if you only sell your product in 1 city? We can help you target the right cities so that only people in your targeted areas see your Facebook Ads. On the flip side, we can bypass specific areas or cities as well. We make sure you local targeting is perfectly optimized so that not a penny is wasted in advertising.
Demographic. Depending on your business, you might only want to target women in the age range of 25 to 34. No matter your business, we will make sure your demographic settings are correctly attuned to your target demographic.
Interests. Target users based on what they like, share and talk about. By choosing the right keywords, you can advertise to your main audience without letting anyone slip through the cracks.
More Facebook Likes. A facebook “Like” has much more power than it did a few years ago. Users rely strongly on reviews and opinions from friends on Facebook, so making sure that your business page has plenty of Likes can be the make or break of you making a sale or not. The ScaleUP Team will help you drive new visitors to your Facebook page and get your profile booming.
Remarketing. Target people on Facebook who have previously visited your website and cater your ads to their news feeds. This is great for SEO and can give a boost to your conversion rates.

Reach an Audience of 1.35 Billion Facebook Users

With such a large user base, your business would be missing out if you weren’t taking advantage of Facebook marketing. Let us help you build your Facebook presence and our Facebook Marketing Experts can Scale UP your online marketing campaign and drive in new leads!

Tampa Facebook Marketing

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Build Your Facebook Network

FB Social Network

Extend your reach and find the customers who are looking exactly for what you sell. Through creative posting strategies and advertising techniques, build a trusting community of followers that will interact, share, buy and “like” your content. With millions upon millions of potential customers searching for what you offer, we can help you get your products and services in front of this group of people. The beauty of Facebook marketing is the inner-connectivity between customers who can relate and share information about their favorite products and brands. Contact us about our Orlando Facebook Marketing Service and we can answer any questions you have!


Marketing and Branding

Social Media Application On Digital Devices

Are you struggling with your social media marketing or branding? Research shows that keeping a steady brand identity across all your social media platforms can increase your total sales! We can help you clean up your Facebook page by optimizing your ads, creating intriguing posts with professional graphics and build a well-rounded Facebook Business page that will make your company Shine!

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