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Here at ScaleUP Consulting, our Miami SEO services can help take any local business’ website and help it rank high for competitive keywords in your target market. Our ultimate goal is to help your business, big or small, become successful in its industry and one of the best ways to do that, is by starting local. We have worked with all types of clients, some in very niche markets and others in very popular, highly competitive industries. Either way, with our SEM knowledge and deep understanding of search engine optimization, we can help you bring in large amounts of traffic and turn that traffic into sales.

The First Step

Our first step here with any potential client, is a consultation. We don’t want any one going aimlessly to our cart and buying products that they don’t understand. This is why we want to assist you in understanding what services will be the best for your business. How we approach the SEO for your business could be different from our next client, so through our consultation, we will gain a greater understanding of your goals and we can tell you how we will achieve them.

Understanding Your Industry

Every business is different and there isn’t any 1 “default” plan or trick that will work for every company, so after our first “free” consultation with you, we will do extensive research on your industry and build a greater understanding of your business. After we complete our research, we will have a follow up call where we can talk about strategy, your goals, and our plan of attack.

Our Clients

The Scale Up Team has great relationships with our clients and have been working with some of the same companies for over 6 years. We genuinely want to help you and your business grow and we are here to help you make that happen. This is why our clients have stuck with us over the years and trust us to do our job. Each month, we provide thorough reports on your websites performance using some of the industries top analytics systems. This includes the sales you’ve made, future opportunities for growth, and better ways to optimize your website for ultimate performance and conversion rates.

Onsite SEO

  • Choosing the right technology
  • Setting up the pages correctly
  • Keyword research
  • Creating an optimized site map
  • Submitting to Search Engines
  • Optimizing for Search Spiders
  • Setting up internal linking
  • Tracking results

Offsite SEO

  • Link building strategies
  • Engaging sharing
  • Building a network of sites
  • Contributing through blogs
  • Becoming an expert
  • Forum discussions
  • 301 redirects
  • Tracking results


  • Ongoing blogging
  • Staying consistent
  • Keep content fresh
  • Engaging readers
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword linking articles
  • Categorizing content
  • Using tags properly

Social Media

  • Building viral posts
  • Engaging audience
  • Getting more activity
  • Finding your tribe
  • Discovering your voice
  • Connecting with fans
  • Selling to fans
  • Tracking results

"Matt and the ScaleUP team have helped me take my local business and put it on the map. In just 2 months, I am already seeing a return on my investment."

− Jesse

"I joined forces with the ScaleUp team a few months to get my website ranking in my local area and I've been more than pleased with the results. They gave a full report and analysis of my current site a few months ago then gave me a full run down on the actions I needed to take to get my business ranking in my local market."

− Nick T.