Curt Guyer has been an integral part of driving the ScaleUP Team forward over the past 3 years and uses his dynamic expertise to create success with all our clients. His desire for perfection is directly reflective of the top quality work that is produced from the Scale Up Team.  A natural born leader, Curt understands how to utilize each team member’s strengths in a cohesive effort to create company wide excellence. In Curt’s free time, he enjoys disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with Mother Nature through Mountain Biking the Technical Trails of Florida.

Natural Born Creative

A product of the technology explosion, Curt has honed his technical skills to where he can quickly adapt to new programs, systems and software. With a degree in Audio Engineering from The International Academy of Design and Technology, he has become an expert in software systems that create successful marketing campaigns. A student of new technology, Curt keeps our team updated with the latest trends for our client’s promotions.

Dedicated to perfection, Curt handles each project with the highest level of creativity with a balance of effective strategy to achieve success. He is a cornerstone of the company, and is ready to jump in to help execute your next project.