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How to Make Money Blogging

By October 24, 2014 Blogging

make money bloggingI encourage everyone reading this to start a blog! Or if you already have a blog, start making money from your blog.

Friends are often asking me, “Matt, what is it exactly that you do?”

When I tell them that I make money through blogging and on websites, their response usually is: “Oh, I can’t do that.” or “Yeah I got a blog, but I don’t make money from it.”

What is confuses me is how much time people can spend working on their blog, or website, and then never get paid for the effort they put into their site. It can be time consuming!

So I wanted to take some time and lay out for you a plan to start making money blogging!

How to Make Money Blogging

Step 1: Pick a Blog Topic You Like

If you choose to write about something that you like, then you will be more likely to update your blog on a regular basis. Start brainstorming on ideas… here are some pointers. If you are an expert at something, and you could write all day about how to accomplish a task that is valuable, (like I am writing about blogging…) then choose to write about that thing which you are an expert.

Everyone knows something, and someone out there wants to know what you know. Write about it!


Step 2: Don’t Give Up

The biggest problem with people who start blogging is they quit. Know that this is not going to be an overnight success, keep at it! Keep in your mind that I made over $11,000 in one month from advertising on my blog websites. And I am currently working on a few new sites that I hope to scale up that monthly income!

There is profit in your blog’s future, you just have to put in the time and effort to get there. But if you quit, you will never be successful.


Step 3: Stick to Your Chosen Niche

If you choose to blog about baseball cards, you cannot switch your theme to start talking about nutrition later. You will confuse Google and you will confuse your readers. Choose one topic per domain and stick to your topic.

You are able to expand on topics though. For example: If you choose to write about baseball cards, but later you want to add a section in your site about going to baseball games, and also you want to write about player’s history and stats, then that is all fine. Feel free to start small and expand!


Step 4: Choosing a Domain

Ok so you came up with an awesome idea, now how do you buy a domain? First you need to do some domain searching: I use my domain purchasing portal click here. This is the portal that I own, and because I buy so many domains, I get awesome discounts, which I can share with you! Go ahead and take my discounts, and note it is just the same as buying through Godaddy because it IS Godaddy. Just that you are using my private Godaddy portal to get my discounts. http://www.securepaynet.net/?prog_id=499451

In choosing a domain, go with something short and try to work a keyword into your domain. Using the baseball cards idea, try something like MattsBaseball.com or something like that.


Step 5: Hosting Your Blog

Hosting your blog can be simple or it can be a nightmare! If you have never hosted a blog before, know that your server effects the speed of your website and how fast it loads. This can effect your websites rankings and can hurt you if you choose the wrong hosting solution. I definitely recommend using BlueHost as we have recently cut our load times nearly in half by switching to the VPS servers.


Step 6: Setting Up Your Template

My favorite themes are StudioPress Themes which are all available on DollarWebsiteClub.com at no additional charge. But if you choose to host on Bluehost, you will need to buy an awesome theme and I recommend StudioPress. Their sites are SEO friendly, easy to read with great typography and load really fast!

You do not want to get caught up in real flashy blogs or blogs that are graphics heavy which take FOREVER to load.


Step 7: Setting Up Your Site

Note that all of this training is available in the paid training section of this site, where I show you EXACTLY how I made over $11,000 in one month from blogging. If you want to watch my screen as I build sites from scratch, and show you how I got thousands of visitors, then please buy the paid training. It is worth it!

Another nice thing about DollarWebsiteClub.com is that there are free training videos on how to setup your WordPress site build right into the Admin Panel! These training videos show you how to use WordPress to setup your site.


Step 8: Advertising on Your Site

I recommend signing up for Google Adsense and putting videos right on your site, nearest to the content. This will ensure that you have quality advertising throughout your website that is tailored to your visitors. These custom ads that are tailored to web visitors has proven increasing in clicks and ad revenue because of relevance. Check it out!


Step 9: Onsite SEO

This might start getting into an area that is too technical for you, and again, this is all explain in detail in the paid training of this site. You can buy the paid training now for $97 and I show you EXACTLY how to setup your sites for the best onsite search engine optimization.

Without onsite search engine optimization, you will not get your site ranked in Google for the keywords that you are targeting and you will not get Organic Traffic to your site!


Step 10: Keyword Research

I use SEMRUSH.com to do all my keyword research. This software tells me what keywords people are searching for, and the keywords that I need to setup on my site to try and rank high in Google search rankings for. Again, all this is thoroughly explained in the paid training section where I show you how to do keyword research and setup your site for success.


Step 11: Offsite Optimization

It is not just your onsite optimization that needs to be done, it is very important to build links from other sites to your website. This tells Google which pages on your site are important for which keywords. In short, if you are targeting Tigers Baseball Cards, then you will want to have a page on your site titled: Tigers Baseball Cards, and the URL of that page needs to be http://yourdomain.com/tigers-baseball-cards, and the text on that page needs to have the same text with 400-500 words and your keyword appearing 3-4 times. Then offsite, you will link a keyword on another website, that has to be in the same niche with a high quality site content, linking back to your page using the keyword that you optimized on site for.

It can be very confusing for someone who is new to Offsite Optimization, and in later blogs I will thoroughly breakdown Offsite Optimization strategies and why it is done this way.


Step 12: Keep Up to Date with This Site!

This website is dedicated to teaching you how to make money blogging and score your websites higher in Google Organic rankings. I will show you case studies and continue to update the free content and paid content frequently to help you make money blogging!

If this is your first time reading this sort of training on how to blog better and make money from your sites, then this might be a lot of information to handle. Again, I suggest for the newbies to go through the paid training. I took a lot of time to carefully create that training section, and it is extremely valuable to you, as it could be the catalyst to explode your monthly earnings!

Leave a comment below if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help :)

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