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How to Increase Website Traffic

By November 20, 2014 SEO Advice

I have received several requests to write more about How to Increase Website Traffic to your websites. The bottom line is you have to post Quality Content that is keyword rich for the terms that you are targeting.

For this article, I am going over How to Increase Website Traffic for your site by blogging on site, with some added off site work, and a little SEO knowledge. Click here for a more in depth Guide to SEO for your website 

Guide: How to Increase Website Traffic

See what I have done already for this blog? I have targeted the keyword for my article.

Notice, that the URL for my article includes increase website traffic and I have already mentioned the keyword a few times in the article. It is important to place your main keyword in the first paragraph, then include an H1 tag for your keyword, then also link out to other websites that have great information about Increase Website Traffic.

In order to decide the keyword that I am writing for, I have used the Google Keyword Tool to decide that this is a keyword that gets excellent impressions. You are definitely not reinventing the way people are searching for things, you are merely stepping in front of whatever they are already searching for.

Also note that I have included an internal link to my own site, this is not just for readers, but Google robots are looking for these internal sitelinks, so be sure to add them.

Assuming that your site is setup properly, and Google is not receiving error messages, use Google Webmaster Tools for your site to check, and also assume that you have SEO software for your WordPress, for that I recommend Yoast.com, so now you are ready to post articles.

In order to Increase Website Traffic (another keyword drop), it is important to keep your content updated frequently. I am making a conscious effort to continue putting out quality content in my Internet Marketing niche, and it is important that you stick to your niche market. Not just for your site visitors, but also for Google to index your site for the correct words.

Do not confuse Google or your readers, as you will not increase your website traffic.

Note: There are a couple ways to over SEO your site, and one of them is keyword stuffing. That is if you type in your keyword over and over till the point that your article does not make sense or read proper in English. So be sure to not confuse your readers or confuse Google.

Ok, now that you have quality articles written on your site, here is the big secret to increase website traffic…. Off site blogging and guest blogging on other websites. Yes, you are reading this correctly, I want you to go to other blogs and write for them!

Here is an amazing new (well somewhat new) service called PostJoint where you can find high Page Rank sites to post articles. You can also Google search for your core keywords, then contact the top results site owners to ask to Guest Blog for them.

And if you are providing quality content for sharing with my readers, you are more than welcome to post on EliteGurus.com!

Now when you post, use the same template as I have given you above: To increase website traffic select the keyword that you are targeting and stick to it, then do the following with that keyword. Place it in the URL, put the keyword in a H1 tag, put the keyword in the first paragraph, place the keyword in the title of the article, put the keyword in the description as the first word, place the keyword in the content a few times, link out to another site that ranks high for that keyword in Google already, then that should work for getting your site indexed in Google for your target keyword.

Note: If the keyword has high competition and if your site has a low page rank, domain authority, then you might not be able to score high right away for that keyword. Don’t worry, just keep posting awesome content, use social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin, then eventually you will increase website traffic to your site!

If you ever want free advice, just contact the Scale Up Team and we can help you out! Better yet, click on the Chat Box on the bottom right of the screen and ask us anything. We answer fairly quickly and respond to messages within the day.

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