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Importance of Page Titles for SEO

By January 3, 2015 SEO Advice, SEO Help

JumpStart SEOYour website is made up of Pages (or Posts). Many of you might be using WordPress for your website, and some of you may not be using WordPress. If you are using WordPress, you made a great choice because WordPress is awesome for SEO.

If you are not on WordPress or if you need more SEO advice after reading this article, contact us for assistance with migrating to WordPress or overall with SEO help. We are SEO Experts and we have affordable solutions for every business.

Regardless of the platform of your website or where you are hosting, you will be able to take this training to boost your search engine optimization for your pages.

Optimize your Page Titles for SEO


The first thing you need to understand is what keywords you are trying to target with the webpage. This is the most crucial aspect of SEO that is so often overlooked.

Here is an awesome Keyword Tool that is completely free to use from Google. Use this to research the keywords you are attempting to target, then you can understand how much traffic the variations of that keyword are being searched in your target area. Google Keyword Tool 

I recommend picking one keyword to target per page, then naturally, other keywords will fall in place. The key is to put your keyword in the title of your page.

If you are just starting out, and your website is not ranking very well in Google, try to use the keyword in exact match. Meaning, use the keyword exactly as you are targeting and you will have a better chance to be #1 in search for that keyword.

Click Through Rate

This is one of the most important aspects of SEO that you are not taking into consideration.

Your webpage click through rate or CTR, is one of the many aspects of SEO that Google takes into consideration when choosing which page should be ranked higher than others.

The Google algorithm looks at the keywords being search in Google.com, then measures how many impressions your webpage is shown and how many times your webpage is clicked when shown.

This means, once your page is ranking, the page needs to be clicked by different IP addresses. I say this because you cannot click on your page over and over. You can be penalized for that in fact.

Here is why you need to create a great page title and description to get Google searchers to click on your page. If you are having issues with ranking, perhaps your page was ranking at one point, but you have a low CTR and your page dropped from rankings.

A great way to track your impressions and clicks is through Google Webmaster Tools!

How do you know if you have a great title?

If you are on WordPress, I strongly recommend using Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress.

With this plugin, you will be able to input your target keyword and see how your page is setup for SEO best practice with a red, orange, yellow or green light.

This is another reason why it is so important to know which keywords you are targeting!

You will want to have your target keyword in the title, description, URL, and in the content body. I bet you can guess what my target keyword is now that I mention this.

This tool will also help you with the correct length for your titles, descriptions and also your body content with your keyword density.

Examples of Good Titles:

  • Target Keyword – Brand Name
  • Target Keyword – Location Targeted – Brand Name
  • Brand Name – Target Keyword
  • Target Keyword & Secondary Keyword – Brand Name (if there is enough room)

Examples of Bad Titles:

  • Home
  • Home – Brand Name
  • About – Brand Name (try to come up with a target keyword instead of ‘About’)
  • Welcome
  • Brand Name
  • YourDomain.com


Here is a very easy way to get penalized from Google!

Have duplicate page titles. Meaning, you will have different pages with the same titles.

A great way to keep an eye on your website titles, duplicate content and other onsite reports is by using Moz.com!

***If you are interested in our SEO Jumpstart Package, we will set you up on our Moz.com account, monitor your onsite optimization, give you advice about offsite optimization and also assist with submitting to the top 50 Business Listing Directories.


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