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How Does Retargeting Work?

By June 10, 2015 Facebook Ads

Facebook RetargetingFacebook Retargeting Works!

Seriously, you need to start retargeting for your business. ASAP!

But How Does Retargeting Work? Let me explain:

First, lets discuss why you need retargeting. Visitors will arrive at your website, and a very large majority of your first time visitors will not take action. No sign ups and no purchases on their first visit. Bummer!

Don’t worry, this is happening to every website owner! So you are not alone!

Typical website trends say that it will take up to 5 “touches” in order to turn a prospect into a lead or sale. What is a “touch” and why do I use that term? Mostly because a “touch” can come in different forms, and that is the word that I have used for years, so it stuck.

List of touches:

  • Website visit
  • View of a blog post
  • Facebook Ad
  • Phone call
  • Visit to your store
  • Email from you
  • Tweet
  • Instagram picture post
  • Podcast listen
  • Video view

I think you are getting the point. A touch is any way you can reach your customer, and the more touches you receive,  the more likely the prospect will make a purchase.

This is why you want to put a user on your email list, ask them to follow you on social media, and be consistent with posting to your followers! Over time, they will turn from an interested prospect into a sale.

Yes, even if you are not getting likes, comments and shares on your posts, people are still seeing your posts. But to supercharge your social media, I do recommend boosting your posts to your target audience.

Ok, now back to retargeting, where does this come in?

Your prospect has seen a few blog posts, emails and some activity from you. Awesome!
You got a hot lead, but you might not even know who this person is!

Here is where you are going to create a Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook Retargeting and Remarketing

Go to Ad Manager > Audiences > Create an Audience > Website Traffic

You can choose to upload an email list too if you would like. For this example, we will place a pixel on our site.
A pixel is a snippet of code that you will add to the <Head> of your website. Then Facebook will track all the visitors.

And you guessed it, I have done this and now you are tagged!
So now when you visit Facebook, you will see whichever ad I have running. Yes, I am always testing!

Here is the ad that is live right now! (As I write this)

How does Retargeting Work

Here is the Facebook Retargeting Strategy

You visit my site reading about something, you might come in through my email list, organic search, through a Facebook post, Twitter, or however you see this blog post.

Regardless of how you get here, you will start seeing my Facebook Retargeting Ads.

On Facebook I have a pixel setup for the conversion, because this Ad is for a “Sign Up for my Free Advice!”
Yes, my business advice is 100% free and I will help you get more traffic and sales for your business.

Here is where I setup the Facebook Conversion Pixel:

Conversion Tracking for Remarketing

Go to Ad Manager > Conversion Tracking > Create Pixel

Then choose if it is a sale or a lead etc…

In this case, I am registering leads for my questionnaire.

This funnel has a “thank you” page. On that page I placed the conversion pixel (snippet of code).

After sign up, Facebook will register the lead and that visitor will no longer see this ad.

For your site, you need to decide the strategy that works for your business, but regardless this strategy works!

Setup Facebook Retargeting Ads for your site, and setup a small budget for trying to grow your list or sales.

Now go ahead and sign up for my business report and free business advice!

We will talk about your digital marketing and how to setup successful campaigns to drive more sales!

If you already have Facebook Retargeting setup for your site, tell me about your success in the comments below.

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