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Google Now reminds you to pay bills

By October 10, 2014 Google Updates, ScaleUP News

Google NowThe Google app for iOS and Android devices has gotten an update. Google Now is reading your emails and reminding you to pay your bills.

For some users, this is a great service. And for others, this is an invasion of privacy. What is your stance on this?

The update to the Google app is also connecting to OpenTable to make reservations by voice. This all made possible through the conversational search features that were added to Chrome a year ago, but have just gotten added to the Google app. And with Google Now, Android users are easily able to add widgets to their home page.

As an iPhone user, the Google app is limited on my device, but for Android users, this is a huge upgrade. Personally, I believe there should be an option to remove siri and allow Google Now to take over, but Apple would never allow this to happen.

I visited Newsmax TV to go on air to discuss the privacy concerns of Google Now

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