The Power of Facebook Marketing

There are nearly 1 billion people on this planet that use Facebook on a daily basis. That’s almost 1 out of every 6 people on the planet that have some type of social media presence. With all these people using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is a huge amount of potential customers out there that you could reach with the help of our Facebook Marketing Experts!

In 2015, now more than ever, Facebook Marketing is becoming a huge player in the Social Media Marketing game. Actually, Facebook is the best option for social marketing compared to other social platforms.

Nearly 80% of users who follow business pages on Facebook, currently use or have previously bought a product from that company.

Facebook Marketing is a huge opportunity for you to expand your brand and grow your sales through your main social media outlet. Our main objective is to help you create a profitable facebook marketing campaign or to help you optimize your current campaigns. We have done rigorous testing on all types of Facebook advertising methods, so we know what will work best for your business.

Nearly 1 Billion People Use Facebook Everyday

With such a large user base, your business would be missing out if you weren’t taking advantage of Facebook marketing. Let us help you build your Facebook presence and our Facebook Marketing Experts can Scale UP your online marketing campaign and drive in new leads!

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Daily Facebook Users

18 - 24 Morning Facebook Use

Users from the Age of 25 - 34

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Driving Up Facebook Engagement

Setting up a Facebook page is simple for most business owners. But driving engagement, more likes, shares, and comments can be difficult! There is so much noise on Facebook and in order to get your message viewed, you need to engage your users. We offer Facebook Marketing Services to help you create a beautiful page, and then assist with engaging your audience!

More Facebook Likes!

No company can guarantee organic likes, that is a fact! And if you are “buying likes” or considering to buy likes from a 3rd party company, know those are not real people. We specialize in creating Facebook ads for your business that will drive up your Facebook Likes! We have spent thousands of dollars and tested hundreds of ads. We know what works and what your fans will “like” work with us and let us drive up your page likes with our carefully crafted ads.

More Leads from Facebook!

It has been said over and over by the top marketers from around the world, “Facebook Likes are for show, the key is to get those “Likes” turned into Leads on your email list. Your email list is where you will make money!” But what are the best strategies to turn a “Like” into a “Lead?” We got you covered! We have spent thousands of dollars in testing what ads work, and what is not working. Let us help you build your email list from Facebook!

Let Us Build & Manage Your Facebook Marketing Campaign