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ClickMeter Review

By October 21, 2014 Blogging

ClickMeter ReviewTest every idea and Track every click! The two T’s of marketing.

But I am using Google Analytics, so I am set. WRONG!

If you are relying on Google Analytics for your click tracking, you are wasting your time and money. You can either develop a proprietary tracking system on your server, or you can choose a different solution software.

Our staff does it’s homework, and when it comes to implementing new solutions for our clients we test different solutions. We found that Click Meter was the best solution. The sign up was simple, and we were right into making our first click tracking campaign in a matter of seconds.

Ok, let’s back up: What is Click Tracking?

Here is an intro video to Click Tracking:

Tracking clicks is just the beginning!

Say you have 10 advertisers and they are running 4 banners on their site. You need to know how your dollars are being spent. Create a campaign for each site, then a tracking link for each banner. With the easy to use Dashboard, with a glance you can see which site is performing, and which banner is getting the most clicks.

As you know, a click for many of advertisers is not necessarily a SUCCESS! Click Meter also focuses on conversion tracking. By adding a simple snippet of code to your website, you will be able to track conversions to sales, leads or whatever conversion that can occur on your site.

ClickMeter Review

As well as the following features:

  • Side by side campaign comparisons
  • Share stats with customers, ad partners and affiliate networks
  • World map view to track geographical data
  • Click fraud protection
  • Customization tracking domains where you can use your URL
  • Conversion tracking

And this is all done in Real Time Click Streams, that means you will get instant feedback on your campaigns.

IMPORTANT! for Adwords users.

Be sure to use the Go.htm feature to use your URL for your website as the URL redirect. Google Adwords does not like redirects, and your account can be suspended for using a URL that does not match the URL of the final destination. When Google Adwords suspends accounts, they can be permanent. Be sure to set these redirects up properly if using with Google Adwords.

We recommend this flow for your online marketing:

Banner > Click > Click Tracked and saved with Click Meter > Landing Page > Collect Information > Click Meter Conversion Pixel on Landing Page

It is that simple to track and get results with your online marketing. And in today’s economy every penny and click counts. Track the clicks and analyze your data using Click Meter.

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