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Domain Forwarding and SEO

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Own a website? Listen up. We are going to give you some pointers that could boost your search engine rankings.

First off, we are going to explain the Domain Redirect or “Domain Forwarding“. Say your old website is www.abc.com and your new website is www.xyz.com. Now you want all the traffic to www.abc.com to go to www.xyz.com.


Here are the different ways that you can Forward your Domain:

Forwarding from your Domain Registrar (ie Godaddy etc…) Read More

Importance of Page Titles for SEO

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JumpStart SEOYour website is made up of Pages (or Posts). Many of you might be using WordPress for your website, and some of you may not be using WordPress. If you are using WordPress, you made a great choice because WordPress is awesome for SEO.

If you are not on WordPress or if you need more SEO advice after reading this article, contact us for assistance with migrating to WordPress or overall with SEO help. We are SEO Experts and we have affordable solutions for every business.

Regardless of the platform of your website or where you are hosting, you will be able to take this training to boost your search engine optimization for your pages.

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Top 50 Business Directory Listings for 2015

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Open DirectoryIf you are a website owner or webmaster for a client’s website, listen up. Search Engine Optimization is important to you, yes? Over the past year, Google has updated their algorithm to make quality links more important than quantity.

One way that local businesses and national companies can create quality links is by setting up well written business profiles on business listing websites. Submitting to the top business listing sites is one of the first actions that we take as part of our SEO services for our clients.  Read More

How to Increase Website Traffic

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I have received several requests to write more about How to Increase Website Traffic to your websites. The bottom line is you have to post Quality Content that is keyword rich for the terms that you are targeting.

For this article, I am going over How to Increase Website Traffic for your site by blogging on site, with some added off site work, and a little SEO knowledge. Click here for a more in depth Guide to SEO for your website 

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The Ultimate SEO Guide for Search Engine Optimizers

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Search Engine OptimizationFor anyone that has a website, understanding search engine optimization or at least having a grasp on the basic concepts of “SEO” can be critical to your online businesses success. There is a great amount of fundamental SEO rules that everyone should know when trying to get their website to rank high in search engines.

This is why I have created The Ultimate SEO guide for Search Engine Optimizers because even understanding just a small amount of this knowledge can take you a long way in building high ranking websites. Read More

WordPress SEO Tips

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WordPress SEO TipsWordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) for SEO. The practice of optimizing your WordPress site is the best strategy to move up in the search engine rankings and to get more visitors subscribed to your website.

Title Tag Optimization

The title tag (<title>) is one of the most crucial factors in getting your website ranked in search engines. It shows up as a title of the browser and is the first line people notice Read More