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Google Starts Using ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Label in Ranking Factors

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google-logoToday Google announced big SEO news! As of today, Google search is starting to rank sites and apps higher with the “mobile-friendly” label in the search algorithm.

This means that if you own a website and the site is mobile responsive, Google will rank your pages higher for mobile searches.

Google has been experimenting for years on different indexing for best user experience, now today the indexing will be taken into the ranking algorithm. You may start seeing indexed apps and mobile friendly web pages higher in search rankings in the near future. Read More

Panda 4.1 Update – How will this affect your SEO?

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Google has announced the roll out of the Panda 4.1 Update.

How will this affect your site and your SEO?

First thing to understand is that Google¬†has been updating the search algorithm since the beginning, in order to tweak the results for the highest relevance to the end user. Google’s main goal in the organic search is for the end user to see the highest quality content possible.
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