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How Does Retargeting Work?

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Facebook RetargetingFacebook Retargeting Works!

Seriously, you need to start retargeting for your business. ASAP!

But How Does Retargeting Work? Let me explain:

First, lets discuss why you need retargeting. Visitors will arrive at your website, and a very large majority of your first time visitors will not take action. No sign ups and no purchases on their first visit. Bummer!

Don’t worry, this is happening to every website owner! So you are not alone!

Typical website trends say that it will take up to 5 “touches” in order to turn a prospect into a lead or sale. What is a “touch” and why do I use that term? Mostly because a “touch” can come in different forms, and that is the word that I have used for years, so it stuck.

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