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How to Make Money Blogging

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make money bloggingI encourage everyone reading this to start a blog! Or if you already have a blog, start making money from your blog.

Friends are often asking me, “Matt, what is it exactly that you do?”

When I tell them that I make money through blogging and on websites, their response usually is: “Oh, I can’t do that.” or “Yeah I got a blog, but I don’t make money from it.”

What is confuses me is how much time people can spend working on their blog, or website, and then never get paid for the effort they put into their site. It can be time consuming!

So I wanted to take some time and lay out for you a plan to start making money blogging! Read More

ClickMeter Review

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ClickMeter ReviewTest every idea and Track every click! The two T’s of marketing.

But I am using Google Analytics, so I am set. WRONG!

If you are relying on Google Analytics for your click tracking, you are wasting your time and money. You can either develop a proprietary tracking system on your server, or you can choose a different solution software.

Our staff does it’s homework, and when it comes to implementing new solutions for our clients we test different solutions. We found that Click Meter was the best solution. The sign up was simple, and we were right into making our first click tracking campaign in a matter of seconds. Read More

Sucuri Review

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Website AntivirusOk, so I have spent hundreds of hours on my website and installed all these great plugins for security. I am feeling good then…. HACKED!

What?? But I installed Better WP Security, BulletProof Security, Semisecure Login, Login defender, Invisible Defender, and the list goes on!!

Feeling nice and secure, I continued Blogging and carrying on, but I did notice that all these bulky plugins were weighing down my site load time with JavaScript snippets all over.

Then I got HACKED, BAD. Read More

Panda 4.1 Update – How will this affect your SEO?

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Google has announced the roll out of the Panda 4.1 Update.

How will this affect your site and your SEO?

First thing to understand is that Google has been updating the search algorithm since the beginning, in order to tweak the results for the highest relevance to the end user. Google’s main goal in the organic search is for the end user to see the highest quality content possible.
Read More

Open for Business!

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open for businessFor years we have been working with clients from around the world. And our team was operating from around the world! Today, we are happy to announce that we have a permanent home in Miami Florida!

As we are settling in, we are also scaling up our business, and rebranding our company, while still providing world-class service to our clients. We are dedicated to perfection, and building sustainable brands through website development, SEO services and marketing. Read More