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Web Development

Our approach to website development is to create your website for less, yet still exceeding your expectations! Contact us today for a free quote.

SEO Services

Search Engines are constantly changing, but we got you covered! We stay up to date with all emerging trends to keep you ranking. Find out how to boost your rankings today!

Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting can be difficult, let us take over this burden and we guarantee 99.9% uptime on our servers. Let us host your site for less.

Graphic Design

Your business has to look good! Graphic design is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on visitors. Excellent graphics = more sales!

Social Marketing

We make social media convert to sales! Yes, it is possible to build a profitable business through social media marketing. We can help!


We measure and report on what is working, then make tweaks as we are testing the results. Marketing is about learning what works, and scaling up results!

Product Launch

We create successful Product Launches through online promotions, public relations and marketing. We have dedicated the last decade to learning how the big brands are creating hype through promotions, both viral and direct, to drive raving fans to purchase in masses. Tell us about your next product launch!

Building Strong Brands

Your Brand Identity is our top priority as we work with your business development needs. We begin with in depth competitor analysis and customer analysis to better understand your tribe. Then we carefully craft your “voice” and message for social media and marketing efforts. We measure results and track growth through our reporting systems.

Reputation Management

Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can post a poor review about your business. It is bound to happen! How you handle these issues will define how your customers and potential customers view your business. Let us help you craft your customer care, and push down negative comments with positive response about your business.

Matt Ganzak

Founder / CEO

Curt Guyer

Lead Project Manager

Development Team

Developers and Designers

"The team was there every step of the way helping me plan, navigate and design my new WordPress blog and theme. I recommend Scale Up Consulting to anyone who needs deep expertise on everything and anything that pertains to WordPress, hosting and web marketing strategies."

− Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList.com