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10 Steps To Follow When Setting Up Google Adwords

By November 18, 2014 Google Adwords

We have built literally thousands of websites for our clients and the most frustrating obstacle to overcome is bringing in new traffic to the site without the company having a strong database or social web presence.

So how do I get new customers to come to my website?

Well there are plenty of different ways to bring new visitors to your new website, but one of the easiest ways is by using Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click network

If you don’t know what a Pay Per Click network is, then keep reading, because we will help you understand. A Pay Per Click Network or (PPC) is a network where you will be advertising on Google.com search, or other sites that have Google search embedded or other Google networks that might be using Google Adsense on 3rd party websites where your ads could be shown.

Ok great, what does this all mean??

This means that if you have a website with a product or service you are confident with, you can put your website or products in front of large amounts of traffic and turn those clicks into sales.

Here are the top 10 things to know when setting up your Google Adwords Campaign:

  1. Know who you are targeting
  2. Create a landing page that converts traffic to leads
  3. Write ad copy that generates targeted clicks
  4. Setup targeting for who will see your ad
  5. Know what networks will be showing your ad
  6. Use the keyword research tool
  7. Research your competition
  8. Set your budgets
  10. Hire a Guru to help optimize

Know who you are targeting

Who is your target market? Who are you selling your products and services to? If you do not know this, please stop reading and go back to writing your business plan.

Create a landing page that converts traffic to leads

A landing page could simply be a page with contact forms, if you want to over simplify. But we recommend setting up a mailchimp account (it’s FREE! to get started).

Now go ahead and read this article about Landing Page development

Write ad copy that generates targeted clicks

Once you have the Landing Page setup with all the marketing copy that you will be using, then go ahead and setup your first ad in Google Adwords. Be sure to write copy that is relevant to exactly the visitor you are looking for. Keep in mind, you are paying for every click!! So you want to be giving the visitor exactly what they are looking for.

Setup targeting for who will see your ad

Once you have the right copy, then it is time to find your visitors. Google Adwords allows for targeting by zip code, by city, state, country, or region. We recently had a client who was targeting high end household incomes, therefore a simple Google search turned up the top 100 Zip Codes in the United States. Know who you are targeting!

Know what networks will be showing your ad

Google owns all sorts of properties, and advertises through all sorts of different methods, so keep this in mind when putting your ad together. Also, Google allows targeting for devices, so if your Landing Page is not mobile ready, limit your ad to target desktop machines only. Again, you are paying for this traffic and you want to be sure that you are not throwing money away.

Use the keyword research tool

The Google Adwords Keyword research tool might be the best Keyword tool online! This will show you the estimate traffic and reach for each keyword that you select. This tool will be shown after you write the copy and Google will present you with the top suggested keywords for that ad. Trust Google and pick some of the keywords, usually shoot for 50-75 keywords to start with. Once selected, and your budget is setup, Google will let you know the competition to land your ad on Page 1, which is where most of the clicks will happen. So pick more TARGETED keywords to start, then eliminate. You might get lucky and find a keyword that you can convert for cheap, but you will never know if you do not select that keyword to start.

Research your competition

Again, if you do not know who your competition is, stop reading and please start researching!! You have to know who you are targeting, then you need to know who’s business is making all the money, then you have to get a piece of their traffic. Once you know who they are, the tougher goal is to find out where they are successful. Use Alexa.com to see how much traffic a site is receiving, where is it coming from and what are the keywords used. There are tons of software solutions for researching this, but I usually use my brain and Google. Find their social networks, search through Google, look at recent Google posts, and start following the company where you can. Know what the competition is doing, and take pages from their book. Best way to get started!

Set your budgets

Google Adwords allows for you to set the daily budget and also how much you will pay per click. If you took our advice and you are targeting by zip codes, then the clicks may cost $3 – $10 per click. Yes this is very expensive, but you need to value each click as a possible conversion to lead. Now you see why your landing page is that important!! Need to collect their data, and follow up with them via email or phone call within 24 hours! This is a hot lead! Setup your budgets low to start, and begin raising slowly day to day. If you are not showing on page 1, you will probably not get clicks.


Please test. Read all the copy, sign up to the newsletter and feel confident that your campaign will work properly. Again, you are paying hard earned money for every click and Google will not reimburse you for not having your website setup proper. TEST TEST TEST

Hire an Internet Marketing Expert to help Optimize

We like to train our clients as much as they would like to know about marketing campaigns, so please contact a Guru and we will setup or optimize a Google Adwords campaign for you. We have read books and done our homework, let us help.

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